Jun' 24 release

June product updates

Discover the latest features we've rolled out this month, crafted to enhance your spend management experience

01 Pricing plans for every subscription

Now Spendbase allows you to specify pricing plans for every subscription. Whether you have seat-based, volume-based, or flat fee plans, the cost breakdown in Spendbase will reflect how you pay for your software, its modules, and add-ons. Spendbase also automatically calculates the total annual cost for every subscription considering the associated pricing plans—you can have several different plans per app.

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02 Improved spending and cost visibility

We have made spending time frames more granular so that you can easily check how much you spend monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Under Applications, you can compare planned costs vs. actual expenses. Additionally, you can watch spending trends for apps. The delta between the two latest payments helps you indicate if you started paying more or less.

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03 Improved app discovery algorithm

We have upgraded our app discovery algorithm. The new algorithm detects core apps and weeds out associated extensions or add-ons. It gives you a clear, uncluttered list of apps that deserve your attention, which makes Shadow IT more visible. Additionally, you can move the apps that don’t require tracking to Hidden and ensure only important apps remain in view.

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04 Bulk-upload of transactions in CSV

Spendbase automatically pulls transaction data from Quickbooks and Zoho to display actual software costs. If you use a different accounting system, you can export the transaction data as a CSV file and upload it to Spendbase. The system will automatically attribute transactions to relevant apps.

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