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March Product Release

Learn about every March product update to bring your software renewal management to a new level
01 List of renewals
Subscription costs and software utilization are things that often go out of focus in many companies. With Spendbase you can see all the renewals dates, utilization state and subscription costs right under your fingertips. Plus, a "last renewal" indicator lets you cancel unwanted subscriptions before they auto-renew.
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02 Spend History
Gone are the days of guesswork when budgeting for SaaS subscriptions. Traditional methods only show current costs, making forecasting future expenses difficult. Our new integration with popular accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Zoho automatically pulls past spending data you can confidently allocate resources and avoid budget surprises.
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03 Email notifications
Ever get hit with a surprise SaaS charge, only to realize you're paying for unused licenses? Automated renewal reminders let you review your subscriptions before they auto-renew. For standard renewals (monthly, quarterly), get a quick heads-up before the next billing cycle. For expiring contracts, set reminders 1-3 months in advance. This gives you ample time to renegotiate, switch providers, or simply review your needs.
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04 Renewal schedule
Renewal reminders are awesome, but managing tons of expiring subscriptions across the year can be a headache for finance teams. Introducing the renewal widget! Get a bird's-eye view of your upcoming SaaS expenses. This handy tool provides a monthly breakdown of what you'll need to pay, making it easy for finance teams to prepare funds and budget accordingly.
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