SaaS Management

Maximize return on the software you already own

Get a 360 view of your entire stack. Monitor real usage, manage renewals, plan your software budgets.

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Unveil what software your teams are actually using

360 degree view on your tech stack in real time to completely eliminate Shadow IT and consolidate tech.

Unused licenses notification - Spendbase | SaaS management software

Stop overpaying where you can save

Optimise your unused licenses and get partner discounts to cut SaaS costs.

Renewal notification - Spendbase | SaaS management software

Gain full control of your renewals

Get notified when it matters to make sure you continue paying intentionally.

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"Thanks to Spendbase, we have gained full visibility and control over our software costs, saving $300k and redirected resources to other crucial areas"

Dmytro Voloshyn

Co-founder, CTO

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Preply company logo - Spendbase | SaaS management software

Dmytro Voloshyn

Co-founder, CTO

Discover our features

SaaS management software features

Check the costs separately for every subscription

You have a list of all subscriptions so you can see how much the company has spent over a period of time on each SaaS.

Assign software owners

Assign accountable people for every subscription to improve your stack manageability

Monitor the frequency of software usage

You can see all the employees' recent activity and make decisions about the company's further need for this subscription.

Renewal management

Easily manage all your renewals in a centralized way and forget about Excel tables that are never up-to-date.

Huge portfolio of integrations

Get a general overview of your software subscriptions and track the overall number.

Why use saas management platform?

Teams use more SaaS than ever


Growth since 2015


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What our clients say about us


Lewis E.

Streamline all subscription management and purchasing processes into one user-friendly platform.

Dec 04, 2023

Olena S.

You have all the information at your fingertips, from renewals to licensing details

Jan 10, 2024

Michelle H.

Spendbase helped to sort out the chaos in our software management

Jan 18, 2024

Sabina S.

We gained 100% decision-making confidence

Dec 26, 2023

Don't waste time 
on old-fashioned spreadsheets

Use pre-built dashboards identifying all active subscriptions, their costs, and usage.


Where do you get information about our subscriptions?

Our data sources are: Google/Microsoft workspace (we pull saas that your employees log into with corporate email accounts) or API integrations (which you can set up by yourself). It helps us to upload to the platform all your applications and frequency of their usage.

What about security certifications and compliances?

Spendbase platform is PII/GDPR compliant and PCI DSS certified.

Where do you store the data?

Our data is stored in the AWS cloud storage in Europe. Database access is strictly limited and encrypted.

Does anybody in my team have access to Spendbase?

Only people who was invited to the platform have access to Spendbase. Nobody have access to your data without invite (even Spendbase team).