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Background’s unique proposition includes a vast pool of over 80,000 engineers ready to join projects, with a system in place to match managers with clients through the process. Obviously, their team needs a lot of tools for team collaboration and productivity. Therefore, the company’s main request was to reduce costs for Slack, Atlassian and related tools as much as possible.

As with many engineering-first companies today, cloud costs is always a constraint. It is typically a huge budget item, and hinders teams ability to focus on innovations by experimenting with new tools and emerging technologies.

Working with Spendbase

One of the ways to reduce costs for Google Workspace is to evaluate whether all users need the same subscription plan. After looking into how the licenses are being used at, we found an opportunity to split them into 2 cohorts, decreasing the subscription level for nearly 50% of the employees without any productivity loss. This is possible only if done via an official Google partner, like Spendbase.

Besides optimising the costs, another request our had was to help them set up Microsoft Power BI. As mentioned, is a Google shop, so they had little experience working with Microsoft products, unlike the Spendbase team.

If you really want to optimize your software costs - just let them do their magic.

Anvar Azizov,



Besides the Workspace licence split, our team has managed to deliver a staggering $100k worth of Google Cloud Platform credits. will is now able to allocate the credits to BigQuery, Cloud Run, and Looker to bring their data processing and visualisation capabilities to the next level. Lastly, our team used Spendbase SaaS management platform to audit every subscription is using, to find even more potential savings. As a result:

Received $100k with of Google Cloud Platform Credits


Reduced spend by 50% for Atlassian products


Optimized Slack use to get 25% cost reduction

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