We didn’t know such SaaS savings are possible

Ein-des-ein is a full-cycle development company specializing in mobile and web app development, complex UX/UI design, and brand identity. Since 2015, the team has accomplished 180+ projects for clients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

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Ein-des-ein has rapidly grown in recent years, strengthening the financial component and making it more “healthy” and resilient to various crises. Any growth is always associated with increased software complexity and costs. Additionally, SaaS prices increase yearly, putting even more pressure on the company’s budget.

So when Ein-des-ein discovered that the Spendbase pricing model is purely based on how much software spent we reduce for our customers, the decision became a no-brainer.

Working with

The initial request was to try to optimise Google Workplace spending as much as possible. But the client was quick to realise that our vendor relations go far beyond Google, and we provide discounts for many more software subscriptions. Naturally, our team took the initiative to analyse the whole Ein-des-ein’s SaaS stack and see what else was being used.

We were a bit skeptical to be honest, but once we got to meet the team, all concerns were gone right away. We were shocked by how underutilized some of our most expensive subscriptions were and how much pricing discount a team of professionals can negotiate. They totally exceeded our expectations.

Michael Chepurnyak,

CEO and founder

Increasing user adoption

Besides marketplace discounts, Spendbase platform is designed to unveil which software is actually being used across the company and to which extent. Now EDE can visualize the state of their software adoption per every subscription by simply accessing Spendbase dashboards. And the IT team doesn’t need to use spreadsheets for software tracking, which are becoming outdated really quickly.


At first, the customer realistically expected around 10% of total savings, but our vendor management team has gone the extra mile to enable a whopping 20% average spend reduction for Google, Atlassian, Slack, Notion, and Folderly. Worth mentioning, not only does the Spendbase team provide discounts for the software EDE already use, but also for all the upcoming software purchases too, therefore future-proofing our customers' software spend.

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