Vendor management

Get the best prices for SaaS with vendor management

Our team will handle all vendor-related negotiations to get beneficial discounts for your entire SaaS stack.

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Enjoy long-term guaranteed partner discounts

Get pre-packaged SaaS deals and delegate the entire vendor management process to us to get the most favorable prices.

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Spend time on software security, not the pricing

Buying software is a complex process so free your time for things that matter by letting us handle the negotiations

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One invoice instead of dozens

By outsourcing you vendor management to us, you dont have to deal with a myriad of invoices and order forms, just 1.

"Having a good sense of typical price range is a game-changer. Luckily, with Spendbase, we don't have to stress about negotiations. They handled it for us and saved over $19,000"

Anvar A.

CFO at

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Why vendor management tools are important in 2024?

4x inflation

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higher SaaS solutions compared to overall market inflation


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vendors hide their pricing

6 months

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negotiation time without a vendor management assistance

Why Spendbase?

Pros of software vendor management

Help with vendor selection

Our team of experts advises you on choosing the provider, whether it is software, a cloud service, or a chatbot.

Vendor selection - Spendbase | vendor management software

Guaranteed partner discounts

We handle all the vendor negotiations, freeing you from communication with providers.

Vendor negotiations - Spendbase | vendor management software

Strong supplier relations

We maintain solid, long-term relationships with all the vendors so you can continue to benefit from software discounts on a on-going basis.

Vendor relationships management - Spendbase | vendor management software

Manage software vendors in one place

Get a convenient one-time payment for all your software subscriptions, , we do the rest.

One-time payment - Spendbase | vendor management software
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What our clients say about us


Naomi H.

We got amazing discounts on our key SaaS subscriptions!

Dec 22, 2023

Dmitry K.

This remarkable solution optimized our SaaS procurement and management workflow and resulted in a 1/5 reduction in expenses.

Jan 19, 2024

Anna M.

We got significant discounts for Google services, Slack, and Hubspot due to our partnership with Spendbase!!!

Feb 07, 2024

Victoria B.

No more endless research, negotiations, or stress

Dec 20, 2023
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“By implementing Spendbase, our company reduced software costs by 37%, eliminated manual tasks for financiers, and saved a lot of money in the long run”

Nazar Gulyk


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Is it possible to get discounts more than once for a certain service?

Yes, we overlooked limits on the discounts for our customers. We'll negotiate you a renewal discount even if you've received a temporary offer.

Are only existing services eligible for negotiating?

Discounts are available regardless of your status (free trial, existing customer, or new user). Furthermore, we will help you choose the right service according to your needs and calculate potential discounts in advance.

Once we have received the discount, how will we communicate with the vendor?

Spendbase handles all communication with providers after obtaining discounts for you. Just so you know, you will be notified in advance of temporary offers, write-off dates, contract renewals, price increases, or vendors' changes in terms of use.

What about pricing?

Upon receiving the discount, you will have to pay the commission for our service. There are no subscription fees or commissions associated with our service.