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Whimsy Games is a group of specialists who are passionate about game development. They do reliable and secure game development, unique and eye-catching 2D and 3D art, and align with the latest market trends. 



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Being a game development company, it comes with no surprise that software expenses are among the largest cost items. Naturally, the initial interest was to try reduce costs for collaboration tools as well as tools for software development.

Working with Spendbase

One of the largest software related expenses was GitLab, which became our initial focus. To make things worse, GitLab introduced a substantial 50% price hike for Whimsy Games upon the upcoming renewal.

Next, we wanted to help our customer optimize their cloud spend. In order to do that, we had to optimize and unite a few of their accounts, billing, and overall cloud usage.

Since our pricing model is commision based, where we charge based on the amount we saved, we are always trying to go extra mile and look for as many cost optimization opportunities as possible


The highlight of our cost optimization campaign is Gitlab. Not only we have prevented the price hike for our customer, but also provided a discount based on their current price resulting a total of -60% savings.

Using Spendbase platform we have identified more software subscriptions to optimize costs for, which as translated into:


Prevented price increase, added extra discount on top


Optimized costs for Google Workspace, Attlasian and Slack


Offered partner discount for AWS

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