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SaaS Income Statement Template (2024 Update)

Streamline your accounting with a free SaaS income statement template, a perfect tool for strategic decision-making and complying with the latest industry standards.

Tailored financial reporting

SaaS P&L differs from traditional models because it focuses on monthly recurring revenue and efficiency. SaaS companies prioritize customer acquisition and retention, which requires handling extensive customer databases and prioritizing customer service to guarantee satisfaction and renewals.

At Spendbase, we get it. That’s why we’ve made a neat Google Sheets P&L Template meeting ASC 606 standards.


Bookings as key growth metric

Bookings are necessary for a SaaS business P&L template as they reflect the total value of customer contracts, providing insights into future revenue and guiding resource allocation. They are a KPI for strategic planning and signal business growth potential to investors.

The income statement template organizes bookings into three common scenarios: new clients, expansion, and renewals.


Custom definition of revenue

The suggested Profit and Loss Excel template comprehensively captures all revenue streams, highlighting the unique aspects of the SaaS business model:

  • Subscription: central to SaaS, this involves MRR or (ARR) customer payments, contrasting with the one-time payments seen in traditional businesses.
  • Usage-based: reflects earnings from customers paying based on service usage.
  • Non-Recurring: for companies that charge for additional services like implementation, customization, or premium support.

A fresh look at COGS

The template lists direct costs such as customer support and developer salaries tied to service delivery. It also includes expenses for software subscriptions, cloud services, and hosting, all vital for keeping the company running smoothly. These costs are classified under the cost of goods sold for clarity and accuracy.


Operating expenses included

The suggested Income Statement Template in Google Sheets accounts for expenses linked to Marketing and Sales. Additionally, it includes miscellaneous expenses such as legal, corporate, contractor, and others within operating costs.

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